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Air Operated Double Diaphragm Pump

2 different metallic options
- Aluminium
- Stainless Steel
Pump Range 1/2” to 3”
- Flow rate up to 950 L/Min
Wide variety of industrial
applications including Ceramic
Slip and Glaze, Inks,
Paints & Coatings, Water, Oil,
Adhesives and many more.
2 Plastic Material options
- Polypropylene
- Kynar
Pump Range ¼” to 2”
- Flow rate up to 650 l/min
-Thick wall mouldings
– handling pressures up to 8 Bar
Flanged inlet/outlet
connections that can
be tapped BSP or NPT
Slip and Glaze, Inks,
Wide variety of applications
for various markets
including the Chemical,
Process and Food & Beverage industries

Air Operated Double Diaphragm Pump Characteristics

With improvements, adaptations and various forms of the pump materialized. Air-driven diaphragm pumps, in various applications today because of the enhancements, and electrical and digital advancements have increased efficiency, performance, precision and monitoring capabilities.

Air Operated Double Diaphragm Pump have an innovative flow pattern to minimize internal friction losses.These design features ensure that the compressed air is only used to move the liquid and not to compensate for friction losses.

Self-priming and sealless, our pumps are ideal for abrasive, semisolid, corrosive and shear sensitive materials.They are also chosen for applications; where electricity is not available, or cannot be used due to safety conditions.Diaphragm pumps provide pollution-free and energy-efficient operation, with fewer moving parts than conventional motor-driven pumps.

Maintenance costs are significantly reduced for many fluids because in the event of a diaphragm failure, the air drive system is not contaminated or in need of extensive cleaning or replacement.

Air is prevented from entering the fluid being pumped, so critical applications (example: ceramic slip) where air mixed with the transfer fluid would degrade the final product can be performed reliably even in the event of diaphragm failure.


Environment Industry

All industries related to environmental issues are growing rapidly, technologies used in different sectors rely heavily on the benefits of diaphragm pumps: pumping of viscous fluid: the sewage sludge can be highly viscous, abrasive and aggressive chemically pneumatic diaphragm pumps of large capacity are used in this case.

Ceramic Industry Production

The ceramic industry is the industry that best suits the pumps double diaphragm: in fact three types of fluids are used in the manufacturing process, the main one being that the slip is extremely abrasive fluid, viscosity and of high density. Diaphragm pumps are optimized for this type of application: they have a reinforced body and bolted to cope with the problem of abrasion and greatly improves the life of the pump. In this type of industry we also find small diaphragm pumps in polypropylene for spraying pumps, air-flow techniques have reduced pulse rate which improves the quality of spraying.
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